Course Curriculum

    1. Who Am I to Teach Your Blogging?

    2. Blogging Mindset - It's Very Important

    1. What Is Blogging?

    2. Potential Of Blogging

    3. Blogger VS WordPress - Which One is Best

    4. Future Of Blogging in Next Five Years

    1. What is Niche?

    2. How To Find A Profitable Niche?

    1. What Is a Domain Name? Explained In Detail

    2. .Com VS Other Extensions - Which is Best?

    3. How To Choose The Brandable Domain Name?

    4. What is Web Hosting?

    5. How To Choose Best & Affordable Hosting?

    6. Basic Settings Of WordPress

    7. Important Themes & Plugins

    8. Important Blogging Tools For Blogging

    1. How To Use Ahref For Your Own Website?

    2. Keyword Research For Amazon Affiliate Blog

    3. Keyword Research For APK Blogs

    4. SEO Friendly Article Writing for Your Blogs

    5. Why Your Website is Not Ranking on low Competition Keywords

    6. How Much Search Volume You Should Target

    7. What Keyword Difficulty You Should Target

    8. How To Rank Blog Post For Multiple Keywords

    1. How to Find Topic For New Blog Post

    2. How to Write Content For Affiliate Blogs?

    3. How Many Blog Post You Should Publish In 1 Day

    4. Design Professional Looking Images For Blog

About this course

  • 55 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


If you are struggling with your blogging Journey? and Want a perfect blueprint to start your blog through which you can make living out of it.

Then this course is specially designed for you my friend.

At some point in time, I was also like you. I am not able to find the right person who can teach me everything from start. That's why it took me 5 years to earn my first dollar from blogging.

But no worries.... For you, I have created this beginner to advance course to learn everything from basics.

This course is not like other courses where you will get only theoretical knowledge. Here you will get 90% practical stuff with all proven and tested frameworks that I use to make thousands of dollars from blogging per month.

So, If you are serious about your learning then enroll in this right now.

I have shared all my blogging experiences in this course.

The best part is here you will get 2 sections One is Exclusive content and the second is the case study section.

These are the exclusive case studies and content that you will not get in any other paid course. I have shared my experiments and results also.

By watching them you will get lots of interesting things and knowledge for sure.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners bloggers, newbie bloggers

  • Students Who want to Earn Money Online with Blogging

  • Students who Want to Learn Affiliate Marketing

  • Students who are key focused to get organic traffic on their blog website

  • students who are willing to start a blog in WordPress

  • People Who Want To Start A Money Making Blog
  • Amin Khan

    My name is Muhammad Amin Khan, and I have been a successful Blogger for the last 17 years. I have created countless Blog websites over the past few years, completely from scratch to earning $500-$500k from each website. with years of experience, I have discovered the secret recipe and want to take you on a journey you start today and work towards it replacing your current income with passive income from Google Adsense.